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A 6th grade student of PSBS

hey guys my recording on parentmuse

Happy Father's Day to all fathers 💖💖💖.

Hello 👋 people,

OK today in the title I said read this so you maybe wondering what it is so I will tell you what it is.

So some of you may have seen the go pencil arts space , yes it is my space. As it is my space I will be telling you what I am going to do in the space.

In this space I will be uploading my art and some videos so one art every Saturday so it is your choice  if you want to support  me or not but I am telling you to just check my space everyday so you can see my art and you know how I draw the art so pls check it out.

Thank you for reading 📚. 

Intrested in art join in every Saturday a new art 

So, Hello everybody 

 all might have seen my book review which was my last post if you have check it out.

Ok so in continuation of my last book review I wanted to tell that people who like fantasy, adventure, action and mystery then this is the is the right book for you.

So if you ask me what my favourite part about the book is. It is how they express their emotions and how the story is going and the climax is awesome.

And I personally liked everything about the book actually so that's why I am reviewing this book for you guys.

So about the book the cover page is beautifully decorated and even shows which dragon tribe they are going to talk about.

So you can check it out if you like fantasy because it is one of the best books which I read. 

So again if you want to purchase the book I will leave a link to the first book of the series.

Thank you for reading.

Here is the link address bye.

Hello, long time no see everybody and I am back,

So today I will be giving a review on the book Wings Of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland.

Which is also the best selling series in New York so let's get to the review.

So the wings of fire series has a very interesting story this book is about how few dragons save the world who are called the dragonets of destiny which was written by a prophet dragon so this book is adventurous and in each book it resembles diffrent dragons so as you open the book you will get all the information of dragons which are from diffrent tribes so there are different dragons togather and the dragonets of destiny were taken away from their tribes and raised by dragons who called themselves as the talons of peace as there was a war going on. Now let's talk about the dragons of diffrent tribes so there are the sandwings who started the war as there queen Oasis had died to scavengers (human) and queen Oasis had three daughters 

First Burn the eldest and strongest 

Second Blister the smartest 

Third Blaze the prettiest and all the sandwings liked her 

So to decide who should become queen they started the war so the Dragonets of the Destiny are there to stop the war which lasted 20 years  

So, that's all for my book review so I will leave a link to Amazon if you want read it you can buy it from there all the books are present there 👇

Here is the link address for the first book 

Thanks of reading my review 👍

To pass time in lockdown I drew a Tiger

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