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I am student of 3rd grade

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Invention of Ferris wheel

1 century ago when the Eiffel tower was made it was a big star meanwhile there was a big world fair in Chicago. The man behind this was Danial Burman. A famous architect that time he wanted a lot of people to admire his work. So he called a lot of architects for ideas but he didn’t like any of them. One architect George Washington Gale Ferris junior was at restaurant when a thought came to him of a giant bicycle wheel in the air. That’s when the idea came to him of a giant wheel which rotates with carts so that the passengers can see their entire city. But Daniel declined and told that it was too dangerous. George didn’t give up and made 400,000$ to build a Ferris wheel. And after it was made George, his wife and the city’s mayor were the first ones to ride the Ferris wheel. During the next 19 weeks 1million people had lined up to ride the Ferris wheel.















Kids have more bones than adults because when we grow bigger in age some of our bones fuse with bigger bones. A baby is born with around 270 bones and an adult has around 206 bones. Bones have different shapes these are long bone, short bone, irregular bone and flat bone. The largest bone in a human body is the femur or a thigh bon and the smallest bone in a human body is the Stapes although it is really small it helps a lot by hearing. Inside the bone there is a soft substance called mallow. In the mallow there is two blood cells red and white. Red blood cells help transport oxygen through the body and white blood cells help fight diseases. If you break your shine bone it will grow back in a few weeks with the help of a cast. Babies have very soft bones because their bones contain more water. The hardest bone in the human body is the heel bone. Bones are white because of some minerals. Birds have light bones to fly and land animals and humans have heavier bones to support their body.

By Sreehari Nair

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How cats survive massive falls:

When cats fall from higher heights about the thirtieth floor has a better survival rate is higher than at seventh floor. The story behind it is that it takes the cat to reach its max speed is seven floors, after that the cat feels no force and relaxes.




-by Sreehari Nair








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The invention of movies:

In 1875 the businessman and race horse owner Leland Standford was debating with his friends that whether or not all four hooves were of the ground during a gallop. Leland met a photographer Edward Muybridge and asked him to settle the debate using photography. So Muybridge set 12 cameras on the side of a race track to get 12 photos of a gallop. When the photos were done, Muybridge made a discovery that if you take a few photos correctly after one another you get a moving picture. Muybridge made a machine called the Zoopraxiscope. The zoopraxiscope had a viewfinder that peeped into a light box. Inside the light box was a disk that spun around. So to test his invention Muybridge put the photos of the horse into the zoopraxiscope he saw the horse galloping repeatedly. With this experiment he became the father of the moving picture or in today’s term movies. The next year Thomas Edison the inventor of the lightbulb asked his company photographer, William Dickonson, the task of creating a machine that could get the idea of moving silhouettes to real images. William dickonson made the kinetoscope and invented a flexible reels that could be fed into the kinetoscope. But only one person could view the image at once. A German named Otamar Anschutz discovered how a group of people could all enjoy the the same image together. When the French brothers Auguste and Luis Lumiere got a hold of the two ideas they merged them into what became the cinema.










What is an atom

Atoms are microscopic that makeup everything in the universe. Be it solid, liquid or gas. From the grain of sand to a strand of hair, from your body to the planets, stars and the moon. And on one fine day in ancient India Maharshri Kanad a scientist, sage and philosopher, was eating his food after chewing for a while it occurred of a substance that could not divide, he calls that matter Anu a Sanskrit word for atom. Although sage Kanad had invented it the credit of introducing it to the public and the first atomic theory goes to a Greek philosopher Democritus. Who explained that everything around us is made up by tiny particles and also explained that these particles can be of any shape and called these particles Atomos Greek word for indivisible. On the outer part of an atom you got charged electron and in the centre you have the Nucleus made of Neutrons that has no charge and protons which have a positive charge. The electron those not orbit the Nucleus because its unpredictable were the electron will go but, we do know it will be in the electron cloud.





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Play Doh

When play doh was first made it was not used for playing it was for cleaning. Noah Mciver the inventor of the clay sold it as warm paper cleaner. Which was a big thing on the year of 1955. But after the world war two the world started using natural gas as its main fuel this caused Noah’s company in bankrupt scene. His nephew Joe miciver came and helped him but he could not have done it without his sister in law Kay Zoloff. A nursery teacher. Who came up with the idea of play doh. When she saw other teachers use the use the warm paper cleaner as modelling clay for the children. So they re-branded it and named it Play Doh.







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Potato chips

A chef named George Crum worked in a resort at Saratoga Springs, New York. It was a normal day at his kitchen making the best dish his resort was known for the French Fries. When he served the fries to the customer the customer did not like it he said the fries were too thick, so George made it thinner until he made the fries paper thin the also the customer did not like it so, George fried the fries until they were brown and put a lot of salt and served the customer to teach him a lesson but the customer liked it. Soon they started making them everywhere and was known as Saratoga chips.





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Super Glue

Harry Coover a chemist who worked for a company called Eastman Kodak on the year of 1942 he and his team had a task to find a clear plastic for gun lids during the world war one. During their research they came across a family of compounds called Cyano – Acrylates. To their surprise it stuck to everything so it had to be discarded. 9 years later after the war Coover worked at another Kodak chemical plant called Kodak in Tennesee. Here he had to find heat resistant polymers again he and his team came across the Cyano – Acrylates being too sticky for the job the team discarded it. But this time Coover had an idea so he worked on it some more. While working he realised that these Cyano – Acrylates become extremely strong and deceive in the presence of water molecules like in the air. This meant that they can be used anytime and anywhere. And in 1950 he launched the super glue.







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Before the paper was invented people had used bones, bamboo tablets or animal skin. But there was one person in Han Dynasty of the year 105 AD. The legend says it was a man Cai Lun who saw a wasp knitting it’s nest at that an idea came to him. He took the bamboo fibers added them to water with a wooden tool after the fibers were thoroughly interwoven he poured the whole pot of bamboo fibers onto a flat woven cloth, letting the water evaporate. As results the bamboo fibers joint together and became paper. From that day the paper was universally called the paper of Marquis Tshai. On the year of 7051 AD when the Chinese tong army. On the year of 1282 the Spanish kingdom of Aragon made the first water powered paper mill. Due to bamboo shortage two men from different continents Charles Fenerty and Friedrich Gottlob Keller tried to use wooden fibers to make paper and it was a success. By the end of the 1900s all of the paper factories started using wood as a resource to make paper.



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