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Member of the Quarter (Jul - Sep 2021)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys n Girls, 

We are excited to announce the "Member of the Quarter" (Jul - Sep) winner. This is an effort to recognize the members who are actively participating and helping others to achieve more in life through Parentmuse platform .

Please put your hands together for Prachulika Thapa, the most active and valuable member of this quarter, Congratulations to Prachulika !!! :). 

Prachulika has been active on Parentmuse everyday in last quarter from Jul - Sep  2021. She has uploaded her picture on his account's profile photo and cover page. She is a member who has been sharing numerous information beneficial to Parentmuse members. She is seen consistently on the Leaderboard throughout the quarter everyday. The list goes on.......  Its a pleasure to have a committed member like Prachulika. Thankyou Prachulika  for being with us.

Prachulika  Thapa gets :

1) A High Polished Silver Name pendant

2) A bonus of 500 points 

3) An opportunity to publish a featured post on Parentmuse.

Congratulations Prachulika  Thapa, once again. Appreciate your support to Parentmuse.

Prachulika , Please look for a message in your Conversation Inbox on how to claim the above said rewards in a couple of days.

All the best :)

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