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Member of the Quarter

Member of the Quarter

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys n Girls, 

We are excited to announce the first "Member of the Quarter" winner. This is an effort to recognize the members who are actively participating and helping others to achieve more in life through Parentmuse platform .

Please put your hands together for Ravi Kumar Chhetri, the most active and valuable member of this quarter, Congratulations to Ravi !!! :). 

Ravi has been active on Parentmuse everyday in last quarter from Jan - March 2021. He has uploaded his picture on his account's profile photo and cover page. He is a verified member. He is a member who has been sharing numerous information beneficial to Parentmuse members. He has his family joining Parentmuse. He has referred Parentmuse to his family and friends. He is a featured Parent, He is seen consistently on the Leaderboard. He has opened a Partner account for his business and disclosed to Parentmuse. He is using the Parentmuse platform in his favor in the right way benefiting others on Parentmuse, too.The list goes on.......  Its a pleasure to have a committed member like Ravi. Thankyou Ravi for being with us.

Ravi Kumar Chhetri gets :

1) A Cash reward of Rs 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only)

2) A bonus of 500 points 

3) One year complementary Parent Premium Membership of Parentmuse.

Congratulations Ravi Kumar Chhetri once again. Appreciate your support to Parentmuse.

Ravi, Please look for a message in your Conversation Inbox on how to claim the above said rewards in a couple of days.

All the best :)

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