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Besan ke laddu

Besan ke Laddu is a popular Indian sweet made from gram flour, powdered sugar and clarified butter (ghee). These are  round sweet balls made by roasting gram flour and ghee together, and then adding sugar to make a thick pasty dough – that is then formed into delicious, melt-in-your-mouth balls.


1 cup besan, 1/2 ground sugar , cardamom, 1/4cup ghee


1.Take a heavy kadai or wok or pan and keep on a low heat add ghee. Add 1cup besan  in the kadai once ghee is warm.

2. Begin to dry roast besan on low to medium-low heat. The key to a good besan ladoo is its slow and steady roasting. Stir often so that besan gets browned evenly and does not burn. When you begin to roast besan, you will see small lumps in the flour. These lumps disappear later. 

3. In about 12 minutes You can see the color has changed as compared to what it was in the beginning.

4. Remove the kadai or pan from the stove and keep on your kitchen countertop. Add the powdered sugar or castor sugar or boora and cardamom powder, once the besan cools down a bit and stir well so that no lumps are formed.

5. After adding sugar mix really well. Begin to mix with all the strength from your hands. You have to mix this part vigorously so that the powdered sugar melts in the flour and ghee mixture. 

6. Then shape into medium-sized ladoo with your palms. If you are not able to shape in balls then freeze the mixture for 5 minutes or refrigerate for 20 minutes.

Depending on the quality and consistency of ghee as well as the room temperature you may be able to easily shape these or not.

If the mixture looks very dry then add 2 to 3 tablespoon of hot melted ghee and mix again. Let the mixture cool again and then shape into laddu

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