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Mixed dal vadas/bhajias

Generally vadas are made with lentils or rice. You can make many vada varieties either from urad dal (black gram) or from moong dal (green gram) or chana dal (bengal gram) or a mix of these lentils. Vadas made with any dal tastes good.Even when you mix these dals, then too the vadas taste awesome. This mix dal vada is made with moong dal and urad dal. The vadas are spongy, porous from inside and crisp from outside.The term vadas Are used in south India, whereas in the north they are known as pakoras. In west India, the term that is used are bhajiyas.


A) 1/2 cup urad dal without skin,1/2cup yellow moong dal,green chillies,ginger,1pinch hing (all these to be ground to smooth paste)

B) garnish the batter with 1/2 tsp crushed peppercons, 1/4tsp cumin/jeera, handful curryleaves and fresh coriander leaves, salt to taste

C) oil for frying 


* wash and soak the Dal's for 5-6 hours or overnight.

* Wash again and transfer the dals, green chillies, and hing to a mixie jar. Grind it to a smooth paste using little water. Make sure the batter doesn't get too loose or too tight. 

*Transfer the dal paste into a bowl,add cumin, crushed pepper cons, curryleaves, coriander leaves and salt. Mix it well. Add salt as per taste. You can add one tsp of plain suji...which will make it crispy

*heat oil in a kadai and using a spoon drop the batter into the oil till golden brown from all sides.

*Serve with ketchup,coconut/pudina chutney. 

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