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Pressure cooker Creamy Rice kheer/payasam

It's a one pot kheer with minimum ingredients which are available at home .Payasam /kheer is a very basic payasam but there is a little knack of it. You have to cook the rice so much in the milk that it gets a very light pink tinge. This condensing of milk and cooking it to perfection is done in the cooker without any effort by us. Do try it.


1ltrs full cream milk, 1fistfull of basmati rice (crush it a bit in a blender), 1cup sugar (300ml cup) or as per your taste, handful cashew powder,5ltrs pressure cooker


1. To the 5ltrs cooker add all the ingredients (milk,rice,sugar,cashew powder) and cover the lid of the cooker without the weight placed on it

2. On high flame let the steam come up after which lower the gas flame to minimum or shift it to the smallest burner and the add the weight to the cooker.

3. Let the cooker simmer for 30mins on lowest flame. You might get 2 whistles blowing inbetween. It varies from cooker to cooker.

4. After 30 mins turn off the flame and let the cooker rest for another 30 mins to 45mins without releasing the pressure from it.

5. After 45mins you open and your kheer is ready to be served. You will get a light pinkish colour delicious rice kheer without adding any condensed milk to it. Nice thick and creamy in consistency. It doesn't need any garnishing of dry fruits. If you wish feel free to add cashews/almonds/raisins

Note: use the biggest cooker available for this kheer.

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