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This space is dedicated to Parents who are fitness freaks to come together for fellowship.

Age is just a number......

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 While traveling on the road, you must have often encountered small children carrying a huge sack like bags on their back and the spinal cord bending down. That is exactly, ladies and gentlemen, the weight of education presently. From the very childhood, it is taught to the child that he had to get best marks in class and get certificates to make his or her parents proud. But, is the education only about getting marks and ranks? No, it is not.

There should be a joy in education. There should be happy in the knowledge that is being obtained. School is not a factory that they will spoon-feed you the syllabus, then you will keep it in your memory and put it in the exam hall. The top engineering, business and research colleges like MIT, and London School of Economics is for the wisest of minds and the very best among the lot. Students face a tough competition to get a seat in these colleges. You always have to go up and make others look down. You have to excel from your parents, peer and even your siblings. 

Education is restricted to colleges and schools only. They are feeding the students with the facts and theories from books but not the experiences of life. Remembering the formulas and facts and figures shouldn’t be the prime focus, instead, the focus should be knowing about their significance. Moreover, due to the pressure of homeworks and assignments, there remains no time for self-education. When there is no self-education, then there is also no overall growth of a child. They are not getting time to retrospect or ponder about what they have been taught in class, but simply reproducing the same thing. Also, too much exposure to technology in the education system is not an appropriate thing. In some cases, you need to demonstrate certain things in class through videos and stuff. But too much of this will take away the will of reading books by a child.

Nowadays, there is a peculiar education system where there is no reward for creativity, original thinking, research and innovation but only the highest academic accolades. Risk taking is never an option. You just read paper after paper of tuition notes and prepare yourself for exams. The worst part in the current education system is that the arts and literature has a very low weightage in front of the Scientific studies. Only science and engineer have values. In order to get yourself a proper education, you need to follow your heart in the quest for a proper education., and the system should promote that too.  

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