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 While traveling on the road, you must have often encountered small children carrying a huge sack like bags on their back and the spinal cord bending down. That is exactly, ladies and gentlemen, the weight of education presently. From the very childhood, it is taught to the child that he had to get best marks in class and get certificates to make his or her parents proud. But, is the education only about getting marks and ranks? No, it is not.

There should be a joy in education. There should be happy in the knowledge that is being obtained. School is not a factory that they will spoon-feed you the syllabus, then you will keep it in your memory and put it in the exam hall. The top engineering, business and research colleges like MIT, and London School of Economics is for the wisest of minds and the very best among the lot. Students face a tough competition to get a seat in these colleges. You always have to go up and make others look down. You have to excel from your parents, peer and even your siblings. 

Education is restricted to colleges and schools only. They are feeding the students with the facts and theories from books but not the experiences of life. Remembering the formulas and facts and figures shouldn’t be the prime focus, instead, the focus should be knowing about their significance. Moreover, due to the pressure of homeworks and assignments, there remains no time for self-education. When there is no self-education, then there is also no overall growth of a child. They are not getting time to retrospect or ponder about what they have been taught in class, but simply reproducing the same thing. Also, too much exposure to technology in the education system is not an appropriate thing. In some cases, you need to demonstrate certain things in class through videos and stuff. But too much of this will take away the will of reading books by a child.

Nowadays, there is a peculiar education system where there is no reward for creativity, original thinking, research and innovation but only the highest academic accolades. Risk taking is never an option. You just read paper after paper of tuition notes and prepare yourself for exams. The worst part in the current education system is that the arts and literature has a very low weightage in front of the Scientific studies. Only science and engineer have values. In order to get yourself a proper education, you need to follow your heart in the quest for a proper education., and the system should promote that too.  

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It's true that parents are the children’s best guide. They try to do every possible thing to make their child’s life stable and secured. However, there are variations of thoughts about how parents think to develop their child life and how the child is working on that. According to a survey, 52% of parents ranked their child’s progress as their major concern while 50% of them were concerned about bullying and sadness at schools. As per present scenario, parents are much more concerned about the school performance, behavior of the children and their relationship with their peers. They are getting anxious and curious and do everything to help the child. 

Every parent wants their child to win every race in his life. It is a transparent fact that parents want their child to acquire adequate progress. But, it's not the same how the child is taking his parents' concern. Due to a certain generation gap, there are variations in thoughts and decision. Nowadays, parents are also getting concerned about this fact. They are improving the parent-child relationship by increasing communication and checking their updates regularly. Many parents even take an expert’s advice to improve the quality of communication and to connect with their children. They are getting much concerned about academics of the child along with the extracurricular activities.

From the very initial time of school, parents start thinking about their child’s growth and development. They try everything to help their child to gain adequate progress. They make their own set of data and ways to improve the child’s development. They are not only concerned about building a child’s future in education, but they also put efforts to improve the social behavior of the child.

Here are some factors that describe parents point of view regarding their child’s studies.

  1. Appointment of home tutors: Parents are becoming so restless nowadays that they appoint tutors even from the Montessori to deliver the best education as they can. They want their child to be effective enough since childhood and they choose tuitions as the best alternative.
  2. School diaries and Homework: Parents are also taking care of school diaries of their child. They think regular checking can enable them to know child development properly. They also compare their child’s progress to other children.
  3. Social media and the Internet: According to parents of teenagers, social media and Internet exposure to a child is a major concern. They think these platforms are diverting them and they can do better in their academics only if they do not use such tools for long hours.
  4. Observing their child: Also, they observe their child activities through house party, meeting the child’s friends, parents – teacher meeting, regulating their behavior, etc. 

These things are conflicting, but yes, helpful for children too.

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The relationships and friendships that make a wall of trust and sense of security between you and your siblings is very important in terms of maintaining a healthy bond with your sister or brother. Although this relationship is always a friendly one during adulthood, however, the adolescent relationship is usually hostile. The birth order of siblings mainly causes rivalry between them. For example, your brother is the youngest child and you are the older one, younger siblings usually will create and initiate jealousy for the older sibling. Or maybe the older sister will become distrustful and disloyal towards the younger sibling because the parent will more likely pay attention to the younger one of the two. Insensitivity is the trigger that tries to separate siblings from one another. 

Parents need to teach their children to love their siblings and create friendliness and a protective environment for them. 

Why siblings are the best!

To be honest, whenever some child at school would try to bully me, my sister/brother would be behind them holding a raging smile. She/he would then threaten them out of the way and would pull me away. So here are some of the reasons that why siblings are important and why they are not less than our superheroes!

  • They ALWAYS have YOUR back; Even though you would wrestle till midnight and say mean things to each other, it is all in good fun. However, if someone else ever picks on you, then your sibling proves that, ‘they just messed with the wrong family’.
  • Siblings always listen; In all the situations, they know how to keep a secret.
  • Siblings love your craziness; there is only one person who does not look at you weirdly when you try to do a handstand against the mirror, which is your sibling.

Siblings are yet one of the best blessings one can have. They teach you how to be confident and develop a sense of security within yourself.

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Digital learning platforms (fully stacked with student’s coursework books – eLearning and e-books etc.) available with an easy access for students, are all due to the advancement of technology. Hence, the importance and rapidly evolving advancements of technology cannot be summarized in one article. 

Technology has played a major role in reshaping the education sector. Numerous schools have shifted from basic coursework books to digital screens (desktops, iPad, and laptop). This technological advancement has allowed the students to explore and research useful data in a more open environment. They can access hundreds of eLearning platforms apart from their regular coursework books and notes. 

Technology in Education

Technology and education sector work well if combined together. It ensures faster growth in student’s learning capabilities, and encourage students to perform research while completing their day-to-day assignments. Students can access useful data at any time when connected digitally with search engine platforms and digital libraries. This can help students in learning new aspects related to their coursework. Practical implementation is crucially important for children, as what they learn during their childhood holds the most powerful impact. Considering the rapid increase in technology schools and parents can work together to provide a single digital learning platform for students. 

Educational Technology

Educational technology is a new term of today’s era that clearly explains the bond of technology and education along with its impactful results on students. The question comes to the mind that what exactly is “Education Technology”? It is basically the study and moral practice in regards to encouraging learning and enhancing education execution by making, utilizing, and overseeing proper mechanical procedures and assets of technology. 

It is time to invest in this technology and encourage students on investing their time in utilizing educational technology, to build-up their curiosity and grow in a potential way.