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Winner of Women's Day Selfie Contest is....

Winner of Women's Day Selfie Contest is....

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys n Girls, We are excited to declare that this contest sees two winner. Please put your hands together for the winners, the smart man Yogender Singh Rawat  and the charming Himali Gusain, Congratulations to the Yogender and Himali !!! :). 

Yogender Singh Rawat's entry has secured the highest votes, hence the system declares him as the winner.

However, we notice that Himali's entry is the only one selfie photo among all entries, thus, Himali is also declared as the winner for being only correct entry although the votes secured by the entry is less.

To see the winning photos, visit the Contest page https://www.parentmuse.com/page/view-pcontest?id=1  

The Winners get :

1) A Cash reward of Rs 100/- (Rupees One Hundred only) each.

2) A bonus of 500 points each

3) One year complementary Parent/ Student Mentor Premium Membership or Parent Premium Father membership of Parentmuse.

Congratulations Yogender and Himali  once again. Appreciate your support to Parentmuse.

Yogender and Himali , Please look for a message in your Conversation Inbox on how to claim the above said rewards in a couple of days.

All the best :)

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