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Besan ke laddu
Besan ke Laddu is a popular Indian sweet made from gram flour, powdered sugar and clarified butter (ghee). These are  round sweet balls made by roasting gram flour and ghee together, and then adding sugar to make a thick pasty dough – that is then formed into delicious, melt-in-your-mouth balls.
Raw Banana Nuggets
Raw Banana Nuggets is a delicious and easy snack recipe made with green bananas. Raw banana is used to make interesting and mouth-watering dishes. For making this crunchy Indian snack recipe I have given the nugget recipe a cheesy twist.
Instant Mawa Modak
Mawa modak recipe is an easy way to prepare mouth-watering modaks instantly. You can prepare it and store it in refrigerator for a week or so.You can prepare this most relish sweet and present it to your friends and relatives during festive days or on any occasion. They will love it for sure! The process of making mawa modak is very simple that you can prepare it on festivals when you are busy with other preparations. So, definitely try out making mawa modaks with these easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Enjoy!
Cheese Balls
Crunchy exterior and soft cheesy interior. These simple and easy cheese Balls can be made in a jiffy with ingredients  available  at home. Get your kids involved too in shaping these cheese Balls. They will love the end result of their labor. 
Pressure cooker Creamy Rice kheer/payasam
It's a one pot kheer with minimum ingredients which are available at home .Payasam /kheer is a very basic payasam but there is a little knack of it. You have to cook the rice so much in the milk that it gets a very light pink tinge. This condensing of milk and cooking it to perfection is done in the cooker without any effort by us. Do try it.
Oreo chocolate cake
Oreo chocolate cake 
Mixed dal vadas/bhajias
Generally vadas are made with lentils or rice. You can make many vada varieties either from urad dal (black gram) or from moong dal (green gram) or chana dal (bengal gram) or a mix of these lentils. Vadas made with any dal tastes good.Even when you mix these dals, then too the vadas taste awesome. This mix dal vada is made with moong dal and urad dal. The vadas are spongy, porous from inside and crisp from outside.The term vadas Are used in south India, whereas in the north they are known as pakoras. In west India, the term that is used are bhajiyas.
Yummy and quick pizza paratha
Pizza paratha recipe a delicious Indian bread/roti with pizza flavour and goey cheese that kids will love it for sure.Pizza is enjoyed by all, this pizza paratha is an interesting healthy twist to the usual pizza we make.Also this is quick to make anytime you feel like having pizza. Can be made with leftover rotis too.
Easy peasy Chocolate Mug Cake
In under 5 minutes, you can have the Best-Ever Chocolate Mug Cake recipe imaginable! Using only a small amount of ingredients you're likely to have on-hand, just mix in a mug and bake in the microwave!
Vegetable Stew
To stew is to slowly cook food, which results in a soup-like food called a stew. If you cook something slowly, like vegetables, you stew it. The result of stewing is also called stew, which is usually chunky, like a thick soup. Stew is a popular breakfast item eaten with lacy Appams. It's light on stomach,creamy texture due to Coconut milk and loads of veggies of your choice. There are veg and non veg versions of stew made throughout Kerala. 
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